Kate Kligman is a generalist software developer with an interest in everything. Some of her projects are listed below, and you can read more about her background here.

Professional Website Development

Kate develops software and services for website front and back-end projects, tools for operations, automation, mobile software, analytics, plugins, apps, and interactive widgets for advertising platforms. She is language agnostic, but is most experienced with PHP/MySQL, Python, JavaScript, and Java.

From 2003 to 2007 Kate worked for agencies to develop websites for their clients. A portfolio of her older work is available here.

Video Games

Bladeworks Gaming Network

bladeworks logo

Kate co-founded an online lightsaber dueling network for the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy game series. Game modifications were written in C++ and the Bladeworks server was written in Python, with a PostgreSQL back-end database. • 2003-2006

Community Projects

The SFWA Discussion Forums

Kate revamped the SFWA Discussion Forums into their present form. She also designed and developed the present iteration of the Nebula Awards balloting and reading list software. Kate also created and maintained automation and systems tools for the organization.

SFWA Reincorporation Vote

Kate developed the electronic workflow and assisted with the successful completion of a reincorporation vote for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Nebula and Hugo Award Voter Packets

Kate spent several years assembling electronic book packages of nominated works for the Hugo and Nebula Awards. Links to archives of the projects are below.