Kate Kligman – Senior Software Engineer

Kate Kligman began her software development career in 1998, creating point-of-sale systems and enterprise desktop applications.  She enjoys website development, and developed software for the Webby award-winning mobile browser company Skyfire (now Opera), and VIRURL, winner of the 2012 Paley Center’s Next Big Thing conference award. Additionally, she’s worked as a developer with website design studios Digital King, Kremsa Design, and Clockpunk.

Kate has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Florida State University and an Associate of Arts with an engineering focus from St. Petersburg College, Florida.  She’s also a Zend, MySQL, and Java certified developer.

Kate enjoys video game modding and playing retro games in her spare time. When she was a senior in college, one of her first modding projects resulted in her co-founding a multiplayer Jedi lightsaber dueling league called Bladeworks. Kate currently participates in game development jams and competitions.

Kate presently lives in San Francisco, California.