Two New Web Projects In The Works

For the past few years I’ve been a bit bad about registering domain names for projects and then not using them.  I finally have the time and energy to follow up, so I”m working on two new projects I hope to launch within a couple months.

Making websites has always been easy for me, and it’s become even more simple with the tools available today. One of the sites will be a blogging site in WordPress, and the other will be an experiment with Ruby on Rails, Amazon, and the Twitter API.

I’m really grateful for not just the free hosting plans, API’s, and service offerings that have popped up, but the level of quality and reach that are allowing some of these experiments. I pay for HostGator service for this blog and will use it for the new WordPress site, but for the Ruby project I can use Heroku which has a free tier that lets me play with the latest Ruby tools in a scalable and ideal environment.

Fixing My WordPress 3.5.1 Dashboard Widget Layout

After I updated the WordPress on this blog to version 3.5.1 I could not save the order and location of my administration dashboard widgets.  No matter what arrangement I used, after a page refresh they stacked themselves out of order into the first column.

I explored the WordPress database and discovered the dashboard ordering information was correctly saved in the wp_usermeta table with the key meta-box-order_dashboard.  However, WordPress was reading an apparently older version of a similar key: wp_meta-box-order_dashboard.

I solved the problem by deleting the old key wp_meta-box-order_dashboard from table wp_usermeta. This caused WordPress to use the newer key (without the prefix) and now the administration widgets behave.