Website Development For Agencies

Kate Kligman worked with website development agencies from 2003 to 2007 to produce projects for their clients.

Ripe Digital Entertainment (for Kremsa Design)

Kate developed websites and services for and, a video on demand network.

BeBop Jeans Website

BeBop Jeans

Agency: Kremsa Design

Technology: PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, Rockstar CMS, Flash

Kate worked on the PHP/MySQL back-end for this highly interactive website.

Keep’n It Reel

Keep'n It ReelAgency: Digital King

Technology: PHP/MySQL, osCommerce

Kate implemented this ecommerce website, which included a shopping cart, real-estate listing system, image gallery, contact form, and newsletter.

Years Active: 2007 – 2008

CirclePaintBall StoreAgency: Digital King

Technology: PHP/MySQL, X-Cart Gold, Invision Powerboard, Flash

Kate implemented this website which included an online store, gallery, physical store locator, video archive, and discussion forum.

MaxGamePlayer.comAgency: Digital King

Technology: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Flash

Kate developed the technology, website, and features for a customizable gaming server monitor system. The monitor could be embedded in any site to show server stats in real time. Homepage


Technology: PHP/MySQL, Invision Powerboard (v2/v3),, PayPal IPN

Kate developed core software and features for Vintage Card Prices, a subscription service that covers vintage sports cards from 1867 to 1989.

The website was mentioned in the “What’s Popular on eBay?” presentation at the 2007 eBay Developers Conference.

Years Active: 2007 – Present

MaxBoxingAgency: Digital King

Technology: Classic ASP, MySQL, Flash, Microsoft Access

Kate developed video streaming, content archive, and advertising projects for