DrupalCon Los Angeles

DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015Last week I attended my very first DrupalCon in Los Angeles. I had a great time, met many awesome people, and I’m looking forward to attending future DrupalCons and camps.

One of the first events I attended was the Women in Drupal gathering at the Engine Company No. 28. The entire restaurant was reserved for it and the turnout was extremely encouraging. The meetings there helped me think about the direction I could take with my career regarding new technology, training, and education.

On Wednesday I presented CI for CSS: Creating a Visual Regression Testing Workflow. This was the first presentation I’ve given in over five years and I was honored to be selected. Everyone who attended seemed to have a good time and I enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned about visual regression testing through websites and video games.

The best part of the convention for me were the coding sprints.  I’ve participated in jams and hackathons before, for example the Ludum Dare that’s held three times a year, but these sprints were larger, coordinated, and everyone was working towards the same goal of improving Drupal and the Drupal ecosystem. I’m looking forward to contributing to these over the next few years.