2015: Six Months of Fun

The year 2015 has been exceedingly productive and I’ve had a very good sprint into early summer. June hasn’t quite hit yet, but it’s about the time of year where I think about what I want to accomplish personally in the months leading up to December.

  • Learn Inkscape.  Inkscape is an open source vector graphics illustration program that appears to be well-designed with exceptionally high quality.
  • Create more music with GarageBand.  I’m new to composing electronically and earlier this year I started creating simple loops with this program.  My experiences have been very positive so far and I’m having fun.
  • More Ludum Dares!  This competition has been a good experience for me and I’m looking forward to the August and December jams.

I’ve also been thinking about my current reading efforts. I used to put quite a bit of time into maintaining my Goodreads account and keeping up on new releases. Presently, I’ve been catching up on older stories and I think I’ll continue with a mix of classic and new books.

Video games are also an important consideration.  There are quite a few classic games I’ve been wanting to play and I now have a PS4 that needs attention too. For 2015 I hope to finish Oblivion once and for all and then tour through the Dragon Age series of games. I would also love to complete a nethack wizard ascension and learn to play Angband.

Finally, I consider writing important to me and I’m going to make more time for it, both here on my blog and elsewhere. I’m looking forward to the rest of 2015 and sharing what I’m doing with graphics, music, books and video games.