Bringing in 2015

It’s that time again.  I started this blog in 2013, this is a young blog!  It feels very strange to write up another year’s end post already, so I’m going to do it backwards and look ahead to the new year.

In 2015 I plan to:

  • Complete one game a month in the One Game a Month Jam. (Is this a jam? I don’t really know. But it looks cool.)
  • Get my retirement finances in even more groovy shape this year. I’m definitely getting better at moneying like an adult.
  • Blog excitedly about the video games I own, most of which I haven’t played yet.
  • Pet more kittens.

In 2015 I also hope to:

  • Learn how to cook food worth eating. I’m *this* close.
  • Upscale my game development skills in the art and music areas. I’m committed to making 12 games next year, but I’d like them to be good ones, eventually.
  • Finish my lingering Magento enterprise certification. I still have the voucher; studying for the certification test got away from me this year.

Aside from these goals, I think I’m going to play 2015 by ear. I’m also going to write a retrospective of 2014 probably in the first week of January — it was an important year for me.