A Good Birthday

Yesterday, November 6th, was my 35th birthday.  Encompassing most of 2014, this previous year has been a very good one for me.  I’ve achieved personal and professional goals, I’m lucky to have good friends who care about me, and I feel close to my family.

The festivities were mellow. I took a day off from work, I had a relaxing time at my favorite restaurant, and I received some interesting gifts.  I purchased an Atari 2600 for myself, which I hope to use with the Harmony cartridge to port a Ludum Dare entry (more on this later).  I also received an apple, a t-shirt, and the mother of all power strips which is greatly appreciated right now to support all of my various gadgets.

I’m really looking forward to the next year. I have a hunch it’s going to be a good one.