September 2014 is here

Summer has been as busy as expected, and I’m glad to have time to blog during these next few months.

My technical certifications are moving forward. I decided to finish off the MySQL certification series and become a certified 5.6 administrator by the end of this year. I originally skipped this certification test, sitting only the developer portion of the exams.  I’m now able to commit a couple hours a day for studying and I expect it will pay off.

I participated in another Ludum Dare 48-hour game development competition. My web-based entry is called SWARM, and it’s available here (click on Web/HTML5 above the picture).  I’ll probably do a post-mortem on it after the judging ends next week.

Shadowgate came out and was for the most part well-received by the series’ fans. This makes me very happy.

I’ve also agreed to look at PHPUnit Essentials for Packt Publishing and will be posting a review here within the next week or so. Reviewing books here was something I started on an experimental basis, and I hope to have a couple more reviews up in 2014.

On a personal level, I’ve made some efforts to reconnect with friends and former co-workers. Keeping positive people in my life is important to me.