An Eventful Early Summer

I’ve had an eventful summer so far, and the past month has been busy. In June, I vacationed to Nevada City and Grass Valley, California to tour historical sites involved with the gold rush and mining. The highlight of the trip was visiting Empire Mine State Historic Park and looking down into a very long mineshaft.

In late June, I played the new Shadowgate beta and tested it quite a bit. I love the style and format, and I’m hopeful the game will do well. There’s something fundamentally cool about seeing the game revived more than 20 years after I first played it.

I also got the MacBook Pro I desperately needed. I originally planned to buy a new mac after expiration of the warranty on my Inspiron M5030, but things worked out, and the mac happened sooner. I love it.

I expect to spend July catching up on certifications, and planning out the last half of 2014. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished this year, and the next few months should be pretty great.