Revisiting Jurassic Park

Last night I re-watched most of the movie Jurassic Park on VHS. It really took me back to 1993, which doesn’t seem all that long ago.

During the summer of 1993, I remember seeing Jurassic Park in theaters as a child. I was most impressed with the movie’s sound effects and how my seat shook during loud scenes. I wasn’t scared, but I remember feeling on the edge during most of the action.

Re-watching the movie in VHS feels very 1990′s. The movie is fun and also somewhat comical with the plot, dialog, and casting. It feels like a different time. It was a different time.

Tonight, I’m going to finish watching Jurassic Park and maybe start on The Lost World (which I also have on VHS). Though it came out years later and isn’t rated as highly, I’m still looking forward to seeing it.