Week in Gaming 4/21/2014

Elite 1 Title ScreenPlaying Elite 1 for the first time on my emulated Amiga 1200 was the highlight of this past week in gaming. I had fun reading the Elite 1 manual; it went on at length about pirates and offered tips that seemed funny out of context, ex. “Don’t trade expensive trivia to a hungry world.” I also fixed emulation display issues with the game and hope to post a configuration guide once I’ve put more time into testing it.

I chanced on two recent indie games: Quarries of Scred and the independently produced spin-off Quarries of Scred 1982. The first is a colorful futuristic mining exploration game that killed me quite a lot, the second is a text-based version that seemed to have more rogue-like elements (at least as far as text-based adventures go).

The Quarries of Scred games reminded me to play a variety of games in 2014. I’m going to spend this upcoming week working out a plan and possible schedule to make this happen.