Free GitHub Alternatives

I’ve decided to migrate my projects away from GitHub. A search for free Git alternatives produced the following:

  • BitBucket – Unlimited private repositories and free for up to 5 users. Also offers Mercurial.
  • GitLab – Unlimited private repositories and private collaborators.
  • Gitorious – Offers free public repositories.
  • Codeplex – Open source hosting for Git, Mercurial, or Team Foundation Server.

I’ve created a BitBucket account here and I’m looking forward to evaluating the service.  I’m also going to carefully review GitLab, though I don’t require more than five collaborators. I’m skipping Gitorious and Codeplex because I use private repositories.

I hope to use this migration to accomplish another goal: getting more of my free-floating code organized into repositories. This migration should be a good opportunity to do so.