Bundle Stars

Bundle StarsBundle Stars is my new humble bundle.

I used to love buying games from in-store bargain bin sales that supplied me with older and often unusual titles. This weekend I discovered Bundle Stars, a humble bundle-like distributor, only with more games that cost $4.99 or less per bundle.

I bought the Toxic, Extreme Sims 2, and Kalypso bundles which totaled to 30 games. I had originally planned to buy 4-5 of them, but now I have them all along with at least 15 others intriguing enough to try at least once. I was especially impressed with the farming and logistics simulators from the Extreme Sims 2 bundle because they are exactly the type of bargain-bin games I might have grabbed back in the 1990’s.

Bundle Stars games are distributed as Steam licenses, so there’s no physical packaging or manuals, but the documentation and related items are easy to find online. I’m excited to play all of these newly acquired games.