Atari 2600 ET Landfill Dig

I am astonished that permission has been granted for a documentary crew to dig up potentially millions of unsold Atari 2600 ET game cartridges that were buried in a landfill in the early 1980’s. Despite a postponement last year for chemical testing, on April 26th filmmakers and the creator of the game will search a New Mexico landfill for the vintage cartridges.

I remember playing ET as a kid and getting stuck in pits quite a lot. I didn’t dislike the game, but it was so difficult there wasn’t much fun in finishing it back then. I also remember finding one piece of the telephone, which ET uses to call home, and it felt like a major victory at the time.

I won’t be in New Mexico on the 26th, but I might watch  some of the footage if they stream it. I’m also going to play the game again and see how well I can do as an adult.