A Year of Amiga

January begins the Year of Amiga I’m undertaking throughout 2014. I’m starting with the very basics including emulator exploration and catching up on the early and later years of the platform.

Amiga Emulators (Windows)

  1. WinUAE
  2. WinFellow

I enjoyed fast success with WinUAE after supplying it with rom images. WinUAE has a nice configuration setup and the UI was fairly self-explanatory considering the program’s large ¬†feature set. I’ve decided to try both emulators by alternating them through the first few games.

But what to play? And more importantly, what to play first? I discovered that archive.org — the Internet Archive — has back issues of all of the major English language Amiga magazines!

I remember reading Amiga World, but looking through the magazines there’s over a decade of coverage to explore. Most notably Amiga Format, which started later than the others but ran until the year 2000! That’s…not that long ago. Really.

I plan to spend the next couple weeks putting together a schedule of Amiga games and maybe an application or two to play this year. There’s so much good stuff for the Amiga and I think that’s the only way I’ll get through it.