2013 Retrospective

2013 was a busy and chaotic year for me. Earlier this year I posted what I hoped to accomplish in 2013, and I think I was largely successful at hitting most of the points. I also think I spent 2013 making better life decisions and following through on them.

I made progress towards cooking and keeping myself in better physical shape. I rediscovered Kathy Smith workout videos including a video I used in high school (now in DVD format!). I experimented with a software development career change involving less front-end and more back-end work.  I released a very small video game I made in one hour for the Ludum Dare 48 hour game competition and was gratified with the feedback. I also launched this website and blog.

read more than I did in 2012 with a wider variety of material. I was happy to discover new indie titles and I feel I became a better reader through experimentation. I also rediscovered my love of audiobooks and my appreciation of fantastic narration.

I attended Game Developer’s 2013 briefly and mostly skipped genre events. I enjoyed watching videos in the GDC Vault and I think I will continue with a largely online level of participation in the future.

Overall, this year passed very quickly and I feel my time counted well. I plan to take next year month by month and pay closer attention to my progress forward.