Movie Review: Rush (no spoilers)

This is a no spoiler review of the movie Rush.

Yesterday morning I was contacted on Twitter and asked if I wanted to attend a free pre-screening of the movie Rush. Now, I’m┬ánot into sports movies, but I never seen one on racing. My father also bought me a Formula One racing video game when I was little and I never figured out the appeal. So I said Sure!

The movie was pretty good. A few no spoiler items that made it awesome:

  • I didn’t realize it was based on a real life story. If you don’t know the story and want to see the film, don’t look it up until after. It’s an extra treat not knowing how things will turn out.
  • The action sequences were solid. I’ve watched bits of racing on TV and it always kind of bored me. Rush really rocked it. I actually felt like going back to my old Formula One racing game.
  • It’s funny in the right spots.

Rush does have some violent scenes and they don’t pull punches on the gore or how dangerous racing is. I think it’s appropriate and adds value to the story but…it’s something to take into account before seeing the movie.

In all I had a good time — thank you Universal! And I’m interested enough to maybe follow a racing season and try out my old (and now retro) racing game.