Having a Plan

I am frequently reminded one of the most important and successful things I need to do for any project is to have a plan.  A plan going in, a plan of execution, and a plan for when the plan changes.

For the past two weeks I’ve spent a significant amount of time exploring social networks and related media services. Tonight I had a conversation on Twitter and a bit of meta about it:

This can also be summarized as: “What am I trying to accomplish?” which I’ve found to be a significantly harder question to answer than: “How do I get there?”

One Comment

  1. Step one is setting a time-limited goal. My current goal is “grow an audience and find like-minded people” – so for Twitter it’s about making new friends. For my blog, it’s about getting a regular number of return readers. Later, I might have goals about marketing or sales, but not right now. By making it a time-limited goal (and knowing that you can shift focus in the future) it’s a little less daunting.

    I can never answer the “where I’ll be in 5 years” question, but I can always answer where I’ll be next year….

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